The connection ranging from spiritual intelligence and you will character traits certainly Jordanian college youngsters

The connection ranging from spiritual intelligence and you will character traits certainly Jordanian college youngsters

Emmons represent spiritual intelligence since the adaptive use of religious study so you can facilitate day-after-day problem solving

Ahmad Yards Mahasneh, 1 Nizar A Shammout, step 1 Ziad Yards Alkhazaleh, 1 Ahmed F Al-Alwan, 1 Jawhara D Abu-Eita dos 1 Institution off Instructional Mindset, Professors off Studies Sciences, Hashemite University, Zarqa, Jordan; dos Agency of Curricula, Little princess Alia University, Al-Balaqa Used College or university, Amman, Michael jordan

Abstract: This study are geared towards determining the level of religious intelligence as well as correlation having character traits one of a group of Jordanian student people. A great purposive shot out of 716 male and female college students try chose of various other qualities at Hashemite College. A few questionnaires to your spiritual intelligence and you can characteristics was indeed shared with people in this new take to in informative 12 months 20132014. Performance depicted a method number of spiritual cleverness in pupils, and shown an optimistic and you can mathematically high dating between religious intelligence size (critical existential thinking, personal definition development, transcendental sense, and you can mindful state expansion) and you can character traits (neuroticism, extraversion, openness to relax and play, agreeableness, and conscientiousness), but no extreme relationship ranging from personal definition manufacturing and you will transcendental good sense proportions and you can neuroticism character traits. Throughout the white of your results of this study, of several guidance was authored by the newest boffins.

In the end, regression analysis performance imply that crucial existential convinced is the basic predictor dimension regarding religious cleverness with regards to neuroticism, extraversion, transparency to try out, agreeableness, and conscientiousness

The concept of intelligence emerged when you look at the figure out-of old opinions and it has remained a subject regarding consistent attract in order to philosophers and publishers on the many years to the current date. Current years, yet not, have witnessed an expansion on the physical stature of reference to include contemporary clinical tests from inside the sciences out-of biology and you can anatomy, for example anorexia and bulimia nervosa physiology, inheritance, and finally the world of the fresh new humanities.

The definition of and idea of spiritual intelligence came up this means that of integrating intelligence with spirituality. 1–5 Whenever you are accepting the brand new similarity and consolidation anywhere between religion and you can spirituality, additionally there is contract about its dissimilarity and distinction, faith emphasizing the brand new sacred while spirituality is the experiential components of meaning, eminence, and you may perfection. 6

Boffins regard spiritual intelligence as the most extreme particular cleverness for its ability to influence change in anybody, communities, and you will countries. Ergo, boosting spiritual cleverness helps some body into implementing a positive frame-of-mind and during the reaching inner comfort. It modification in the emotions improves worry about-determination and you can handle and additionally helping to reduce the highest levels of stress aren’t induced because of the busy rate of modern lives. 7

Mayer claims that individuals to obtain religious feel in the event that following try achieved: 1) getting adjusted to your holistic balance around the globe and you can exceeding self-limitation; 2) being conscious of higher airplanes and you may says regarding religious think and you can contemplation; 3) being conscious of the spiritual dimensions away from activities, occurrences, and matchmaking; 4) strengthening feel, meaning that considering everyday trouble relating to biggest lifetime parameters; and you may 5) desperate to increase or escalate the latest worry about, therefore doing forgiveness, stating enjoy and you will gratitude, and you can practicing humility and you can empathy. 8

step 1 Zohar and you may Marshal pick religious cleverness just like the a third particular regarding cleverness you to definitely expands the new construct out of behavior. It is extremely the cleverness from the whoever standards the really works and you can comprehensive path regarding existence is actually analyzed when comparing to others. This is the foot we want to make sure that our mental and mental intelligence to work well. 5 Queen talks of it as the group out of intellectual/rational opportunities that are depending variation, nonmaterialistic concept, and much-from-truth facets. 9 Vaughan describes spiritual cleverness because interest in the person’s inner intellectual lifetime, disposition, and relation to the existence of life, for this reason implying the ability getting deep knowledge of concerns pertaining to lives as well as the attention of various amounts of emotion. cuatro Nasel defines it as the capacity to differentiate, choose definition, and you may solve religious situations, ten whereas Amram and you can Drier find it due to the fact capability to use and rehearse the brand new spiritual has actually and you may possibilities and therefore increase the life abilities and rational appeal. Additionally, eleven Wigglesworth sees it as performing wisely and you will mercifully while maintaining one another inner peace and you can external relaxed whatever the prevalent points. twelve

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